Impossible Quiz 2 – Funny Question game

Impossible Quiz 2 - Funny Question gameThe wittiest online brain teaser game comes back with its second installment, Impossible Quiz II. It still is not a cliché, it really is impossible. The pressures of the game are immense; thanks to a not so easy to spot ticking time bomb that you need to be alert for and hard to obtain life savers. Coupled with questions that call for you to think outside the box, it is not for the faint hearted.
Taking a run at it is easy though, using your mouse and keyboard, follow the screen. As the questions pop up, pick one of the four choices by clicking on it. Each wrong answer costs you one of your 5 lives available. Get a few right and you get an “icebreaker”; to help you relax as you punch keys guided by the game.
However much it gets on your nerves, you will not seem to stop playing it! If you want to play Impossible Quiz 3 game follow official blog .