Zombie Games

Are you a zombie game lover? Well, let’s look at the facts! The zombie game market is headed nowhere but up! Over the last five years, there has been a trendy rise in the creation of these games which apparently are creating substantial interests to the fanatics.

Zombie GamesThe gaming industry has seen many firms cracking into the zombie games and gun games section, creating high competition. This is due to the huge demand, which has seen the players demand for more features from the creators and especially the complexity in the game as most players want challenging games. Well, following the launch of variety of games, let’s have a look at some of the zombie games, which have caught everyone’s attention.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

This can be accessed on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. Red dead not only happens to be an amazing Wild West title but also one of the best games ever made. Developed by Rockstar San Diego, the Undead Nightmare features the Wild West being overrun by hordes of Zombies. The team involved in creating the game played a major role in ensuring the players feel as if they are battling via a schlocky zombie B-movie. Exposure of headshots as the major way of killing the Undead for good just makes this game more exciting to get to the next level! Another important game where you can shoot down enemies and test your skills is GunBlood, there are no zombies in it but it is still awesome.

Stubbs The Zombie In “Rebel Without A Pulse” Accessible on Xbox and PC, “Stubbs” has garnered substantial interest to players over the years. Topping among the best games in commercial, the game is engaging and puts players on wanting situations. Starring players are customized to decaying skin of a zombie, power to bite, eat and kill their way to the town of Punchbowl. Fundamentally, the game has a wicked sense of humor exhibiting the whole Zombie genre. However, this image is portrayed and treated with utmost respect by the developers. Developed by Wideload Games, this game features Stubbs as the leader of the zombies, giving him power to command over the hordes of the undead. Just but to mention, the game entails special attack features such as allowing the player to throw their own body parts at their enemies as a means of defense! It just makes it more fun shambling all over the town, bringing an end to civilization, one brain at a time! Dead Rising Developed by Capcom Production studio 1, dead rising is yet another amazing zombie game. It is accessible on Xbox 360 platform. If you are rich you can buy COD which is by far #1 FPS game in the history of FPS games! Dead rising happens to be among the players’ best game. This is a survival game where the player is caught up in a shopping mall and has to fight their way out. Ultimately, the player has to survive and is subjected to 72 hours to save survivors in the shopping mall. When the situation heats up, the player is subjected to a zombie image and extended power to help him survive the situation. Though it hits some negative reviews from the ever fighting bosses and internal propagandas, dead rising is still among the best zombie games you ought to play! In conclusion, there are more Zombie games to come! Be on the watch out to catch new releases! Have fun being a “Zombisious” J