How to play Warfare1917

If you love strategy games, then you will surely love playing Warfare1917. This is one of the best strategy games out there, allowing you a first-hand experience of the First World War. Whether you decide to lead the British or the German army in combat, it is guaranteed that you will have the time of your life. Let’s find out more information on how to play Warfare1917.

How to play Warfare1917Idea behind the game

For those of you out there who want to learn how to play Warfare1917, it is just as important to understand the idea behind the game. Basically, you use all the man power and weapons you have in order to capture enemy territory and win the battle. You can either be on the side of the British or the one of the Germans; or, if you want, you can enjoy the custom battle mode.

Walkthrough for Warfare 1917

Once you have decided on whose side you want to be, the next step will be to decide on your strategy. In order to win, you have two possibilities: you either advance on the territory and defeat the enemy or you take actions that lower the morale of the enemy until he surrenders. Keep in mind that the trenches in this game are strategic choke points. Winning is all about being one step ahead of the enemy, being fully aware of his firing strength and also taking into account the existent firing range.

You have the possibility to replay the campaign and re-think your strategy; you will also be compensated with game points and you will have the opportunity to benefit from all sorts of updates. While it has been mentioned that you can win the battle by lowering the enemy’s moral, you should keep in mind that the same thing can happen to you. You need to be careful and not lose too many lives, otherwise the moral of your troops is going to be lowered.

mapHistorically accurate and fun to play 

All in all, this is one great strategy game to play. The way the game is presented is historically accurate and, let’s face it, we all love war-related games. Now that you have found out how to play Warfare1917, install the game and prepare yourself for some serious fun time. Soon, you will be instructing all of your friends on how to play this game and you will enjoy this unique topic of conversation.