List of flash games which deserve name tag The Best

List of flash games which deserve name tag The Best

Flash games undoubtedly have come a long way from being humble and soft to becoming amazingly interesting and fully-featured. Here’s a list of top picks of the best flash games:

1) Jacksmith: The game’s initial environment seems fairly lousy where the players need to arm themselves with the finest weapons. Once set, the players need to battle numerous enemies in the field and develop new weapons.

2) MotherLoad: It is certainly not the most inventive title for a flash game but it’s a classic. Players need to tunnel their way through the earth using the arrow keys and fly upward to refuel their machine at the nearest depot.

3) Super Mario 63: Based on the famous Mario platform, Super Mario 63 is a promising 2D world. The levels of variation are outstanding and offer a wide range of challenges through which the players pummel their way and rescue the iconic Princess Peach.

4) Decision 2: New City: Like the original title, Decision, this game is about battling it out with the arsenal of weapons. The character animations are impressive while the setup is quite similar to its predecessor. The players need to capture city suburbs through a series of ravaging missions.

5) Rogue Soul: This one is a high level entertainer. The players find themselves as a ninja named Rogue Soul who boasts of being the city’s most elusive thief. Lots of sliding, running and jumping takes place as the ninja makes his way out of trouble.

6) Super Adventure Pals: With an adorable game-play, Super Adventure Pals is yet another 2D world game. Players need to plum their way through a series of challenging levels in the attempt to reclaim the trio’s third companion, Mister Rock.

7) Realm of the Mad God: This game takes into account the traditional shooting as the players level up from the loots at the local bazaar. With the arcade-style controls, the player can choose from 14 available classes.

8) Super House of Dead Ninjas: Being the most brutal game on this list, Super House of Dead Ninjas is about stealth. The player faces the most malignant countdown timers midst blazing fast action.

9) Frog Fractions: It is a widely unpredictable game. Battles with the robotic squids in the space are likely to test some brain capacity of the player.

10) Age of War: As this game maintains its simple design, the mission is to protect the base as well as destroy the enemy troops. Although the interface simplicity has been left untouched, the game promises to provide essential upgrade and chosen difficulty levels.

So how about getting your hands on some of these best flash games available on the web? Have fun.