We present you Return Man – WideOut

Return Man – WideOutGame overview

Return Man – WideOut is one of the most popular flash based computer games in the United States. The game is developed by one of the world most renowned sports game developers, ESPN. The popularity of this game can be attributed to the fact that the game is actually based on one of the most popular sports in the country, American Football. In order to play and actually enjoy this game, one must first of all have an overview of what the game is all about and this entails understanding the game controls and instructions.

Game instructions

There are some few fundamental aspects that one should know in order to get started with the game. First and foremost, it is important to understand the main objective of the game. There is a slight variation between this game and other similar ESPN games in that the main focus of Return Man – WideOut requires the player to catch touchdown passes and at the same time, evade tackles from the opposing side. All these initiatives are geared towards the attainment of the overall objective of the game which is to try as much as possible and reach the yellow circle.

In order to enhance the experience of especially novice players, the developers have added some features with one such feature being the use of the green dots. The dots are vital when it comes to ball positioning since they enable the player to establish the most optimal route to the ball. Just like any other game, an initial encounter with Return Man 6 Wideout might be a difficult experience and this is why the game allows the user to make several attempts, up to five attempts, to be precise in order to enhance their chances of a successful launch.

Game controls

Of course, in order to get going with return man – wide out, it is important to know and understand the game controls. The ease of use and mastering the game controls is indeed one of the main requirements of a good and entertaining computer game. Return Man – WideOut has a fairly simple and ergonomic control structure that is meant to enhance the overall experience of the players. A summary of the game controls is as follows:

I – Run forward

J –Run left

K – Run back

L/ arrow keys – Run right 

Space bar – Catch pass

A – Jump catch

S – After burner

D – Diving Catch

The selection of these controls is strategic to enable the players easily locate them on the keyboard and at the same time; ensure that the players’ hands are able to easily rest on the keyboard while playing the game. If you like ESPN games try crunchball 3000.